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Garuda Yut Nak, Ayutthaya Art Bronze material covered with real gold, Thai soil base, ancient appearance according to the era, valuable treasures that are hard to find.Product informationBronze material, covered with real gold.large, 80 cm high, 80 cm wideOpen price 85,000 bahtIf you want good stuff..
85,000 บาท
Conquer the devil, conquer the poor"Rishi Prabmarn, first edition, 1992, created by Ajarn Suchat Rattanasuk, Huai Khwang Ganesha Intersection. This one is highly sought after by foreigners, both Chinese and Singaporeans.Product information:• Lap size 20 inches• Open for worship 140,000.-• Want good ..
140,000 บาท
"Beauty, uniqueness, local faith"100-year-old ancient Sangkachai Phra Nakhon Si Thammarat style unique beauty This type of art is often found in ancient caves and temples.Product information:• lap size 16 inches• Height 38 cm.• Summon Worship 33,000.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teache..
33,000 บาท
"Old but long ago"100-year-old wooden amulet, Lamphun province, perfect preservation work for those who like to collect antiques in the Buddha room, will not be disappointed.Product information:• Height 25 inches• Width 20 inches• Open to collect offerings 43,000.-• Want good things, 100 million gal..
43,000 บาท
"We are not like him and he is not like us."100th Anniversary Wood of the Kong Bong Dynasty of the Irrawaddy River beauty of neighboring art old worshipProduct information:• The Buddha image is 6 inches in lap, 24 inches in height including base.• Summon worship 18,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery ..
18,000 บาท
19th century Lanna wooden standing Buddha, raising right hand in the posture of forbidding relatives Perfect condition, old with time, is an old wooden amulet of rare value.Product information:• Size height 120 cm.• Width 50 cm.• Open for worship 73,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Te..
73,000 บาท
"The best photographs of ancient maestro"21 The most noble faculty In the Maha Puttapisek Ceremony at Wat Ratchabophit, BangkokFriday, December 16, 1938, Year of the TigerProduct information:• Size 50 * 80 cm.• Open for worship 12,000.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teacher Kao Mee!..
12,000 บาท
"Beautiful Buddha image with good meaning"5 Buddhas, Wat Phra That Phasornkaew The hidden riddles of Namo Phutthaya"Namo Buddhaya" recited every day will produce results in all aspects. both safe and inconsequential The charm is good. called in ancient times, very popular until now which the incanta..
25,000 บาท
50th Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Birthday, Sri Phichit Kirtikanyaram Temple, Sukhothai, 2005, bronze, green rustHer Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, 50 years old, built 1,000Product information:• Size height 16 inches.• Number 891• Open for worship 23,000.-• I..
23,000 บาท
A hundred million little lionsAn old lion sized on a table made of clay stone.product informationSize height 12 inches10 inches deepWidth 7 inchesOpen price 8,500 bahtIf you want good stuff, Master Kao has it!#Good stuff and very good!*Good stuff chooses the owner..
8,500 บาท
A large ancient wooden Buddha image, Phra Pirap or Phra Bhairava, which is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva or Shiva, a form that arose to defeat evil. In the beliefs of the Shaiva Nikaya in Brahman-Hinduism, Lord Shiva is considered both the creator, the preserver and the destroyer of dishonest ..
75,000 บาท
"Make your home more powerful"A large white elephant flag, antiques collected through practical use. Bring it to the house, next to the shop, office room, living room, adding power and power to your home. It is a feng shui adjustment for auspiciousness.Product information:• Frame with glass, 32x45 i..
12 บาท
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