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Teacher Kao has!
Phra Phuttha Mongkhon Nimit
government official
Thao Wessuwan "The City Ruler", the Putan Throne
Thao Wessuwan 100 million wealth


Gallery 100 lan Kao Art Siam
We have a Buddha statue and a huge collection of antiques and antiques.
Let everyone choose to rent, worship or collect.
I want good things. Gallery of 100 lan, Kao teachers have!

Table set imported from Italy with 8 chairs, made from hard wood. Table set imported from Italy with 8 chairs, made from hard wood.
New -70 %
"Urgent, price dropped for consignment customers"Table set imported from Italy with 8 chairs, made from hard wood. The owner bought this set for 400,0..
120,000 บาท 400,000 บาท
"Full of grace and glory"The ancient wooden Garuda statue, old work kept for 50-60 years, is valuable and worthy of preservation. Waiting for the fort..
100,000 บาท
"One auspicious thing that should be kept in the house."Buddhist beliefs The knife used to cut Luknimit Rattan is a high-class item. If you have the k..
3,500 บาท
Phra Brahma Ubon gave blessings Coronation ceremony at the Erawan Shrine ceremony center Ratchaprasong Intersection, Saturday February 19, 2011Her Roy..
69,000 บาท
"Ancient Chinese collectible items"Anyone who likes collecting ancient China shouldn't miss it. Antique frankincense pot from the ancient Chinese dyna..
18,000 บาท
Phra Sangkajai riding a dragon turtle Arhat of abundance, enhances feng shui, solves financial feng shui.Give it to an adult Or as a gift for various ..
15,000 บาท
Phra Trimurti, the three great gods who bestow many blessings and create auspiciousness. Built from materials and performed on the same occasion as th..
160,000 บาท
"The opportunity is there for only 9 people in this country to own it."Ganesha, 65th anniversary, Faculty of Painting, Silpakorn University, establish..
170,000 บาท
"The power of wisdom"Lord Naga Rajanaki Old brass work, about 20 years old, solidly cast and covered with real gold all over. The work of ten groups o..
78,000 บาท
"Good things only come once"Somdej Phra Sangkhajai, year 1957, Wat Suthat, old, hard to find, few made, only one good item.Product information:• Width..
12,000 บาท
"Good Buddha, big ceremony"Phra Ruang Rojanarit, Wat Pathom Chedi, 100th anniversary edition, 100 pieces made.Product information:• Height 90 cm, cove..
73,000 บาท
"Treasures outside the body can always change the owner."Gilded bronze Buddha statue, Ayutthaya Ban Phu Luang era art The three-part recessed base is ..
330,000 บาท
"Bodhisattva of Abundance"Somdet Phra Sangkajai, early reign Old work put on the shelf ancient treasure When the time came, it was released.Product in..
12,000 บาท
"Worship the right one and change your destiny."It is known as turning bad into good. It is Phra Rahu from Wat Sisathong, a good item to cure the bad ..
60,000 บาท