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"Strong stuff for people who like talismans"Peer Chuk carved from wood On the day of the consecrated ceremony, jumping together clearly Considered strong, considered magical, showing the supernatural to see each other• Height 3 inches• Open for worship 3,500.-• Acquired only from the ceremonies of 5..
3,500 บาท
"Good things must be collected quickly"Phaya Garuda talisman calling for wealth hanging in a gold shop An old hand-written talisman on calico cloth. Good things don't come often. It's a pity that it slipped out of my hand. Only 2 pieces fell off.Product information:• In a glass frame size 49 * 52 cm..
3,500 บาท
Phaya Garuda, Luang Por Warah, the first generation, super rich model, silver material sprayed with three kings. This version is very rare. Silver material of the Three Kings, stamped with a genuine coat from the temple, original frame.Product information:• Open for worship 180,000.-• I want good st..
180,000 บาท
"Phaya Kwan Mahaprab Taksila, year 2019, auspicious mystical metal material"        The culmination of the sacred ceremony took place at Phu Khao Thong Temple once again. By the best pundits working together Make a mental prayer for a sacred object, Mahaprab Taksila model, with A..
16,000 บาท
"Divide good things, don't miss one piece"Phaya Talisman, Garuda, Charoenporn, Reverend Father Warah Good things, direct from Luang Pho's hands He gave it to eat.Product information:• Size 47 × 47 cm• Open worship 4,300.-• I want a 100 million degree.• Teacher Kao has!..
4,300 บาท
"father, grandfather, Thao Naga Rat"Phra Arjarn Chok's head of Buddha powder Shaped as the head of a Naga Naga The old stuff was taken down from the shelf of the teacher's house. Through the ceremony to pay homage to the teacher every year Share to worship and create prestige. You can listen to stor..
20,000 บาท
"Father Pu Thao Wessuwan"Phra Arjarn Chok's head of Buddha powder shaped like the head of Thao Wessuwan The old stuff was taken down from the shelf of the teacher's house. Through the ceremony to pay homage to the teacher every year Share to worship and create prestige. You can listen to stories abo..
18,000 บาท
Phra Khun Phaen, Fa Buen Saen Sathan, 100 years old amulet made of terracotta, presumably found for the first time in U-Thong District, Suphan Province.Buddha, Metta, Maha Niyom, Great Charm, Great Fortune, Protection from SuperstitionProduct information:• Size height 30 cm. width 17 cm.• Open for w..
13,000 บาท
"Who hasn't tried it yet? Hurry up and find it. waving money, waving gold"Phra Mae Nang Kwak, Rattana Era, Pikul flower pattern, powder face, ancient, dark and magicalProduct information:• Base size 2.5 * 3 inches, height 6 inches• Open for worship 6,500.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• T..
7,500 บาท
Phra Phaeng, old wood work, Lanna art The tradition inherits the worship of Buddha images in different ways. Create unique works of art that are unique to the local area, beautiful, sacred, worthy of preservation and worship.Product information:• Height 100, width 50, depth 20 cm.• Open for worship ..
79,000 บาท
"One auspicious thing that should be kept in the house."Buddhist beliefs The knife used to cut Luknimit Rattan is a high-class item. If you have the knowledge and use it, you can do many things, such as warding off black magic and eliminating various evil things, even if you don't have the knowledge..
3,500 บาท
Collect quickly! This model is extremely rare!The legend of pure gold coins Ganesha amulet model 1, Wat Khaek, big ceremony, year 1994, weight 1 baht, over 21.5 grams. There is only one amulet. Collect it urgently!Product information:• Open for worship 69,000.-• Collect gold and sell it for gold pri..
69,000 บาท
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