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Lamphun antique wooden amulet Containing 28 Buddha images, the amulet is made from the love of Lanna style. according to the Mahayana sect It is considered a rare good that should be preserved and worshiped for succession.Product information:• Size height 65 cm.• Width 55 cm.• Open for worship 38,00..
38,000 บาท
large antiqueCandlestick, candlestick, carved with wood, made into a triangular panel with a pediment attached to a carved wood into 7 candlesticks, carved in the shape of a serpent. It serves as an offering in front of the Buddha image in the Viharn. It is an ancient Lanna art. This type of art can..
189,000 บาท
Lord Ganesha's head ancient altar Write a sek leikhin tattoo When faith in the teacher leads to success overcome all obstaclesProduct information:• Made from 108 auspicious medicine powder.• Teacher's size• Open for worship 15,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao Mee..
15,000 บาท
"The best value for money, quick release price"Luang Phor Warah coin, first model, very rich, year 37, three kings material. Very rare in the industry Guaranteed authentic, received directly from the hands of Luang Phor. Original gold frame from the beginningProduct information:• Special release pri..
130,000 บาท
Luang Por Opasi Coin, Series 4 (Garuda Bak Sema), created in 1955, is the last model. There is a black smoked copper and a light copper surface. At that time, the disciples were puzzled as to why the Reverend Father strictly prohibited putting a picture of him in this coin. he just said "From now on..
25,000 บาท
"Maha Yant Maha Mongkol"Mahamongkol Thao Wessuwanno, Kruba Wirut, Wat San Ma Mao, Phan District, Chiang Rai Province, the best Lanna guru. It is very auspicious to be next to a house or shop.Product information:• Size including frame 55 × 40 cm.• Open for worship 2,500.-• Want good things, 100 milli..
2,500 บาท
"Strength in the Garuda"Metal amulet embossed with old designs Reverend Grandfather Novice line, high power, prestige, overflowing with the house, attached to the shop, not disappointedProduct information:• Size 34 * 23 inches• Share 7,500.- per piece.• There are only 2 pieces.• I want good stuff. G..
7,500 บาท
"Sacred things that are worthy of shops, shops, businesses should have"Old brass head, life size, beautiful Buddhist art work. virtual reality that feels to feel compassion, power, and powerProduct information:• Brass material• Open for worship 35,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teac..
35,000 บาท
Old gilded metal garuda Garuda, the Royal Guard's badge given in the pastProduct information:• Wing size 6 inches.• Size 9 inches tall.• Open price 15,000.- per piece.• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao Mee..
15,000 บาท
"The Grandmaster Sai Yak Thao Wessuwan"Old teacher's head, aged 30-40 years, teacher-class quality work Through a long ritual Worship the old house, keep the Thai house Amphawa.Product information:• Height 75 cm.• Open for worship 12,000.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teacher Kao Mee!..
12,000 บาท
"once upon a time"One episode in the story of the hermit Ramayana who was teacher Hanuman and Ongkot.Suitable for those who like to worship and collect for 100 years or more, must be this one only. Ayutthaya earth hermit There are both collecting, sharing and collecting here.Product information:• Si..
18,000 บาท
"One-eyed shell, natural talisman"Ancient believe If anyone has a one-eyed shell that will help with meta-popular matters be invulnerable Protect the invisible And the ancients believed that it was a magical object that had power in itself. You don't have to consecrate, you still have high Buddhist ..
1,500 บาท
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