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The walking stick of Grandfather Nakarat Through the Kham Chanot ceremony many times The old teacher passed on to those who have merit relations First touch, feel the prestigeProduct information:• old support• Open for worship 9,500.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao has!..
9,500 บาท
"Outstanding protection trade"Great-grandfather Chalawan, Tone Crocodile's head, sacred watershed Talisman in the underwater cave In front of Wat Chaloem Phrakiat Worawihan, Nonthaburi, old, kept for a long time Before the restoration of the temple comes with the prow of a 100-year Takhian wooden bo..
35,000 บาท
Head of Khru Mai Phra Phirap, 100 years old, head of a wooden puppet, life-sized It is the head of worship in the old theater at the end of Rattanakosin.The power of the teacher Phra Phirap is considered very sacred.Product information:• Carved from golden teak.• Open for worship 38,000.-• I want go..
38,000 บาท
Mercy Maha Niyom, trading, fortune, good life, having food, having it, students have teachers, everyone knows the power of Kru Narod The ancient head of Tabon leather, dark, magical, powerful Buddha.Product information:• Size for use by teachers.• Open for worship 25,000.-• I want good stuff. Galler..
25,000 บาท
Head of Teacher Phirap ancient altar When faith in the teacher leads to prosperity in fortuneProduct information:• Made from 108 auspicious medicine powder.• Teacher's size• Open for worship 15,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao Mee..
15,000 บาท
Head of Thao WessuwanThe ancient tabon leather head was made from broken tapon skin and was used to form a head for worshiping in the teacher's family ceremony. An ancient head that looks dark and powerful, holy.Product information:• Size used in the family ceremony.• Open for worship 28,000.-• I wa..
28,000 บาท
I have asked for it and I have received it. I have to give it to the head teacher Phra Phikanesuan. An old head molded from broken tabor skin.Product information:• The size of the large ceremony teacher's family.• Open for worship 28,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao has!..
28,000 บาท
"Garuda good stuff that is extremely rare"Holy bag of Luang Pho Warah, Wat Pho Thong, complete the altar frame nowhere for sure Good stuff with Reverend FatherProduct information:• Frame size 21x20 inches• Summon Worship 35,000.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teacher Kao Mee!..
35,000 บาท
"Help of people who play things"Hun Payont of Ban Pho Temple, Luang Phor Phat, Huai Duan Temple, consecrated, only 99 pieces were made.Product information:• Mystical metal material• Open for worship 5,000.-• There are code numbers 3,7,10,14,54,66• Want good things, 100 million gallery• Teacher Kao M..
5,000 บาท
Doing business should have!Huo the flag of the soaring dragon bring abundance of Sian Paste the mill at Wat San Chaomeaning of color On the soaring dragon flag are the 5 elements:• Fire element has a red symbol, triangular shape.• Earth element has a yellow symbol in a square shape.• Gold element ha..
4,800 บาท
If talking about the highest amulet of all the amulets handed one of the godsKochakut, elephant hook, elephant chopper, or elephant hook that actually works regarded as durable It is a kind of mystical that the teacher's strength is very high. know deeply that it is auspicious hard to find and has h..
16,000 บาท
"It's known that students have teachers who have things."Kru Narod's head The old head is worshiped on the shelf. Passed the ceremony to cover teachers on many occasions, many shaftsThe Buddha is outstanding in every aspect. People who have their teachers know that.Product information:• The size of ..
18,000 บาท
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