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"Finding Homes for Children"Find a babysitter for 4 children, not stubborn, not naughty, with a bell calling everyone inside. As promised, you won't be shocked. If you want anything, ask the children to arrange it without crying. Just boiled eggs, desserts, and don't miss out on sweet and savory foo..
8,000 บาท
"Forward delivery"Flame of Phra Ket, a large ancient Buddha image from the lap of the Buddha image, 50 inches to 60 inches, a valuable auspicious item. in the preservation of conservation for the next generationProduct information:• There are 6 peaks in total.• Hand over 6,500.-• Want good things, 1..
6,500 บาท
"Looking for a host to offer back to the religion"Footprint Ancient Rattanakosin Antiques collected but inherited for a long time. Lack of caretaker. looking for believers to return to religion to live foreverProduct information:• Width 44 cm.• Length 94 cm.• Height 25 cm.• Open to summon 220,000.-•..
220,000 บาท
Ganesh's head, ancient tabon leatherMade from tabhon skins with the Buddha image overlaid. According to ancient texts, the head of a teacher is indeed very powerful. has the power to promote students all to prosperProduct information:• Teacher's size• Open for worship 28,000.-• I want good stuff. Ga..
38,000 บาท
Giant-faced lion carved from sandstone Old work over 100 years old according to belief having a lion front of the house or entrance to protect people in the house from evil Suitable for protection during this month. Because it is the month of Hell open according to the Chinese message.Product inform..
7,500 บาท
Earthquakes, fires, floods, and burglars for over 300 years are considered good in them. through the heat through the cold All passed in 90% condition.Golden teak pavilion enshrined the old Buddha image.Product information:• Museums, collectors, and conservators of antiques for future generations. T..
150,000 บาท
"Definitely good stuff."Good old items collected from Thai Sao Yo houses in Nakhon Sawan Province. The original owners and grandchildren know that they have been there for a long time.   The legend of the famous monk createdProduct information:• Length 16 inches. The handle is made of bone..
8,500 บาท
Good stuff! Sombat, the stepmother of Chiang Mai registered with a certificate Accepting offers You can ask for additional documents.Product information:• Ready to occupy 5,000,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao has!..
5,000,000 บาท
"Miracles are real. People have things."Grandfather Narod is said to have been a great teacher. In addition to being a major in magic, he is also a teacher in invulnerability, protection from danger, kindness charms, luck, tattooing and various subjects. In the Vedas, as someone named him said, "Phr..
25,000 บาท
Grandfather Saming's head, tapon skinGrandfather Saming's head had a strong power to avoid safety. Enhancing Buddhism in all aspects Good stuff has a strong teacher. Don't think of having only possession but having to seriously worship. All the disciples were good because they were supported by teac..
28,000 บาท
Invulnerable, elusive, power, charm, great mercy, the power of Grandfather Samingprai If there is a line, there must be a teacher.Product information:• Old leather head, medium size, used for worship.• Open for worship 17,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao has!..
17,000 บาท
Good things should have!Grandfather's head People who are rich in wealth, outstanding in mercy, great in business, should have Open a shop should have!An antique collection made from a royal wasp's nest mixed with paper. Good stuff. There is a strong teacher.Product information:• Open for worship 8,..
8,500 บาท
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