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"This line is well known by Chinese people."Phaya with four ears and five eyes, sometimes called Four ears and five eyes look from the outside The four-eared, five-eyed serpent looks scary. But look at what is and what caused it to happen.  (According to belief) It is interesting that in the ol..
35,000 บาท
"If you want to experience, you must worship."Phaya Yak Thao Wessuwan, golden teak, about 70 years old, antiques collected for worship, but grandfather and father generations have told each other that it's true.Product information:• Size: height 80 cm, width 40 cm• Open for worship, 33,000.- each• T..
33,000 บาท
Phra Brahma Ubon gave blessings Coronation ceremony at the Erawan Shrine ceremony center Ratchaprasong Intersection, Saturday February 19, 2011Her Royal Highness Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya Siriwattana Phannawadee The president createdBy 199 monks, the first time and the biggest time in 50 years.P..
69,000 บาท
Goddess Kali is a body that is divided from Mother Goddess Uma Devi or Phra Nang Pravati to defeat a demon called the battered beast that when blood drops on the ground That blood would become an endless beast. when the beast is swelled in its own talent continually bullying people without anyone da..
43,000 บาท
"You have come to choose the believers."Phra Phaya Garuda To Garuda MaharatIn the Himmapan forest, he was a great person in the heavens who looked after the gods. to subdue offenders and deities who misconduct themselves from immorality and mundanenessHanging Garuda Apply gilded paint on resin mixed..
28,000 บาท
"Good things in the line of Ganesha"Phra Phikanet Thewasatan, Brahman Church, year 45, Nawa material, good ceremony, auspicious, good stuff, worth collecting and worshipingProduct information:• Lap size 9 inches• Open for worship 45,000.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teacher Kao Mee!..
45,000 บาท
"Worship the right one and change your destiny."It is known as turning bad into good. It is Phra Rahu from Wat Sisathong, a good item to cure the bad year and promote business.Product information:• Large size, height 80 cm, diameter around base 40 cm.• Open offering price 60,000.-• Want good things,..
60,000 บาท
"It is the arahant of abundance"Merit, fortune, must be destined to invite you to worship and it will be effective.Phra Sangkachai, the ancient amulet Bronze, 2 removed, original Thai soil, old housed in Chao PhrayaProduct information:• Height including base 20 inches, lap 9 inches.• Open for worshi..
38,000 บาท
Phra Sangkajai riding a dragon turtle Arhat of abundance, enhances feng shui, solves financial feng shui.Give it to an adult Or as a gift for various auspicious events, New Year's Eve, opening a company or store, housewarming. It has a positive effect on both the giver and the receiver. Entering the..
15,000 บาท
Phra Siam Devadhiraj Model celebrating 200 years of Rattanakosin in 1982, Nakhon Sawan ProvinceProduct information:• Gilded metal, height 17 inches.• Open for worship 25,000.-• Want good things, 100 million gallery• Teacher Kao Mee!..
25,000 บาท
"Worshiping right through the crisis"Phra Siam Dewathiraj, the deity who protects the country from danger When the crisis occurred Phra Siam Thewathiraj will protectResika texture, old work, over 30 years old, of the military police department outside government service. Closing the whole new real g..
13,000 บาท
Phra Siam Thevathirat 150th Anniversary Rattanakosin Celebration, Nakhon Sawan ProvinceThe old work has been worshiped on the shelf for a long time. Call it more than the word holy.Product information:• Brass with glass decoration.• Size height 95 cm.• Open for worship 75,000.-• There is only one bo..
75,000 บาท
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