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King Rama 5

"This has to be picked up quickly."Full brass statue of King Rama V, old work, rare work, master artist's work. old worshipProduct information:• Size height 18 inches.• Open for worship 18,000.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao has!..
18,000 บาท
"Good for restaurant business and international trade"Half statue of King Rama V made of brassTeacher work created to commemorate His Majesty's benevolenceProduct information:• Height 29 inches• Open for inviting worship 35,000.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teacher Kao Mee!..
35,000 บาท
"Rama 5, the Eastern King of Thailand"Statue of King Chulalongkorn created by Wat Bowon in 2012, first auspicious image, the Supreme Patriarch who performed the ceremony, number 5555, only 4 statues were made, three of which are in the hands of the magnate.Product information:• Body width 22 inches,..
150,000 บาท
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