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King Taksin

"Unleash Trade Liabilities"With the incantation of incantation, summoning the prestige of "King Taksin the Great"Light 9 joss sticks, set Namo 3 times, and say the words of worship."Om Sino Racha Deva Chayatu Phawang Sappasatru Winassati"Anyone who wishes to worship Phra Chao Tak in the picture whic..
43,000 บาท
King Taksin the Great Year 1983, issued on the agenda of the opening ceremony of the Techa Banphabucha NusornOn November 20, 1983, or 38 years ago, there was an opening ceremony. "Techa Banphapuchanusorn" which is located in the office "Technology Association of Thailand", a Thai-Chinese association..
57,000 บาท
"Save the nation, save the country, save the religion"Portrait of King Taksin the Great with frame, enhancing prestige and power valuable for sons of believersProduct information:• Size 18*24 inches• ready to ship 3,700.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teacher Kao Mee!..
3,700 บาท
Statue of King Taksin the Greatbeeswax prototype Wat Pho Bang Khla, Paet Riw, ChachoengsaoHost of construction: Ad Carabao* Order workproduct informationSize height 31 inchesWidth size 13 inchesDepth size 15 inchesOpen for worship 55,000 bahtIf you want good stuff, Master Kao has it!#Good stuff and ..
55,000 บาท
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