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"Old but long ago"100-year-old wooden amulet, Lamphun province, perfect preservation work for those who like to collect antiques in the Buddha room, will not be disappointed.Product information:• Height 25 inches• Width 20 inches• Open to collect offerings 43,000.-• Want good things, 100 million gal..
43,000 บาท
"The best photographs of ancient maestro"21 The most noble faculty In the Maha Puttapisek Ceremony at Wat Ratchabophit, BangkokFriday, December 16, 1938, Year of the TigerProduct information:• Size 50 * 80 cm.• Open for worship 12,000.-• Want good things, 100 million galleries• Teacher Kao Mee!..
12,000 บาท
A hundred million little lionsAn old lion sized on a table made of clay stone.product informationSize height 12 inches10 inches deepWidth 7 inchesOpen price 8,500 bahtIf you want good stuff, Master Kao has it!#Good stuff and very good!*Good stuff chooses the owner..
8,500 บาท
"Make your home more powerful"A large white elephant flag, antiques collected through practical use. Bring it to the house, next to the shop, office room, living room, adding power and power to your home. It is a feng shui adjustment for auspiciousness.Product information:• Frame with glass, 32x45 i..
12 บาท
"Lion holding sword Feng Shui death"A lion with a sword, about 100 years old, good feng shui good things that kill well. Stuck in the office, the office has a deadly positive power that attracts good things. And also the negative destroyer is to drive away bad power, help protect.Trust the teacher a..
8,500 บาท
"Extremely rare book, collect it urgently!"A picture book of Buddha statues in the Grand Palace 600 page full color picture book Published in 1992 as a single edition. and has not been allowed to print any further until now.and is now a rare book. There is very little circulation in the market. Or c..
38,000 บาท
A priceless ancient auspicious wooden sign, 100 years old, the only one with the meaning: "Bright Future" is an auspicious item that must be acquired during the Chinese New Year festival.Product information:• Width 25 cm, length 72 cm.• Opening price 15,000.-• Want good things, 100 million gallery• ..
15,000 บาท
"I want to experience it, try it."A robotic amulet of ancient people Ajarn Loi's disciple line The legend of the amulet that can be really touched Even the teacher himself had a direct experience.Product information:• Contained in a glass bottle with a height of 8 inches.• Open for experience 7,500...
7,500 บาท
Placed in the office placed in the temple There is nothing to eat and not to use.Amulet of increase, Hoopi Pao, amulet bag containing auspicious rice through auspicious ceremony The gods opened the wayProduct information:• Made a small number, only 2 sets to worship.• Worship a set of 5,900.-• One s..
5,900 บาท
Amulet which is very powerful in protecting against bad things Protect you from occult and black magic. safe protection must be given to Thao Wessuwan batons engraved talismanProduct information:• Length 55 cm.• Open for worship 8,500.-• I want good stuff. Gallery 100 million.• Teacher Kao Mee..
8,500 บาท
Strong things must have amulets, high occultism. Guisin's Robot Directing spells according to ancient textbooks Focusing on real results, even consecrated, the robot jumps to seeRobots are responsible for protecting the as the owner orders like a personal caregiverProduct information:• Port..
8,500 บาท
ancient amulet headIt's an old head in the reign of King Rama VI. The original owner brought it to cover with real gold 50 years ago. Release it for worship and find a next person to take care of.Product information:• Size: height 30 cm. width 50 cm.• Open for worship 28,000.-• The teacher's head is..
28,000 บาท
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