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Since 2018, I am Khun Kao from Gallery 100 million, Kao Art Siam, we open as a gallery. in the matter of antiques and ancient art to be viewed and studied and rented for worship which we have love, love, respect and faith, so we have been here for quite a long time because we have graduated, learning and training various knowledge in the history of art Thai culture So I have been doing this career more seriously for about 3 years now.

 you are someone looking for antiques love in antique and collecting things that are sacred We recommend that the Gallery 100 million.

Our Kao Art Siam certainly won't disappoint. We collect what is one. can't find anywhere You can contact us at the storefront of Gallery 100 Million Nine Art Siam at the address on the web. including channels in Facebook and Line ID directly to the identity.

98% satisfaction rate within our more than 19,000 customers.

Thank you for your interest and great feedback. We promise that we will develop and bring good quality products for you to consider in the future.

Wichan Wattana Prateep